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Shell Shockers is a popular online multiplayer shooter game, where players play as eggs.

Technical Stuff

Primary Weapons

The primary weapon that you use during a game of Shell Shockers is the weapon based on your class.

Secondary Weapons

Currently, there is only one secondary weapon for all classes.


Character Customization

  • Chest Decorations
  • Hats
  • Weapon skins
  • Shell colors. All seven shell colors are free, with the exception of the other seven shell colors that can be unlocked by purchasing a Golden Chicken. If you purchase a Golden Chicken (for only $9.99!), you get twice the number of shell color options that you usually have (14 shell colors in total), for a period of thirty days.

On the main screen, you are able to view your game stats, which include Kills, Deaths, KDR (Kill-to-death ratio), and Streak.

Game Modes

See the Tactics page for strategies and advice for each of these game modes.



Some other features of the game include:

  • Reporting Bugs
  • Creating/joining private games
  • Viewing live Twitch Shell Shockers streamers
  • Link to buy Shell Shockers merch and social media links (Facebook, Twitter, Discord)
  • Purchase Golden Chicken - For only $9.99! Benefits - More eggshell colors, 20 golden eggs per kill (instead of 10), and no ads for thirty days
  • Turn on browser notifications for Shell Shockers
  • Change servers
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